Easy installer setup with tado°

Designed to ensure an easier and faster installation process for professional installers, the tado° Wireless Smart Thermostat Starter Kit is compatible with all boilers and heating systems in the UK.

Easy installer setup with tado° The kit is pre-configured for speed and simplicity in installing the unit, allows instant heating and hot water testing from the programmer, and includes a printed professional installation manual in the box, which enables installers to confidently install the product, even if they’ve never done so before.

tado° provides simple step-by-step installation instructions for installers. These are tailored for each specific heating system as tado° is the most compatible smart thermostat on the market, working with over 900 manufacturers and 16,000 heating systems. The install flow typically goes as follows:

1. Install the Internet Bridge
2. Pair the Wireless Temperature Sensor
3. Replace the room thermostat
4. Wire the Wireless Receiver
5. Pair the Wireless Receiver
6. Configuration
7. Test the system
tado° also offers a dedicated UK Installer Support line in case help is needed (0203 893 2159). Plus installers can use the tado° app in Demo Mode to get to know how the app works prior to installation, ensuring that installers can give your customers a confident handover once installed.