Low water pressure is a common problem that affects many households across the UK. However, there are simple solutions available on the market to boost mains water pressure and flow in the home, in line with Government regulations.

PRODUCT FOCUS: COMBIBOOST BY SALAMANDER PUMPS In fact, Salamander Pumps has recently launched a new inline pump, CombiBoost, which can boost mains flow to up to 10 litres per minute (l/min). Here Ken Vance, Training Manager at Salamander Pumps, explains more about the new pump.

How does CombiBoost work?

CombiBoost is a new, inline mains pump which boosts the existing mains water supply to combination boilers up to 10l/min. Its intelligent control ensures that it reacts and responds to give a stable outflow, and is unrestrictive if the home’s natural water flow reaches 10l/min or more, it will simply revert to standby mode.

The pump sits directly on the incoming mains supply and boosts water flow, helping to improve shower performance and ensure a quicker bath-fill.

The CombiBoost has two separate and distinct applications. The first is for use on the incoming domestic cold water mains supply. The second is directly on the combi-boiler cold water inlet; if a home has a combi boiler that isn’t performing as well as it should be due to poor water pressure and flow, then Salamander’s CombiBoost will help.

Does CombiBoost meet Government regulations?

CombiBoost has been designed in line with the Water Supply and Fittings Regulations of 1999.

While there is a general misconception that the Water Supply and Fittings Regulations prevent you from fitting a pump directly to mains water, this is not the case. In fact, the regulations state that pumped mains water must not exceed 12l/min.

Therefore, as CombiBoost provides a pumped flow of no more than 10l/min, the pump meets all Government regulations.

How should CombiBoost be installed?

CombiBoost should be installed directly onto the incoming mains using 3/4" BSP to 15mm or 22mm fittings, either after the stop tap or before the boiler appliance.

The pump must be installed in a location that provides adequate ventilation (ensure a minimum space of 100mm on all sides), protection from frost, and access for servicing.

The best installation method for CombiBoost is:

1.            Connect the pump pipe work

2.            Check that all isolating valves are open

3.            Turn the mains water on at the stop tap

4.            Ensure all air is purged from the system

5.            Check for natural flow on the cold outlets (or hot outlets for a combi installation)

6.            Inspect connecting pipe work for leaks

7.            Plug in the electrical supply to pump

8.            Turn the mains electrical supply on

9.            Turn a cold outlet on (or hot outlet for a combi boosting application)

10.         The CombiBoost should now activate and the water pressure should be increased

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