Cistermiser and Keraflo take us on a complete journey through water management solutions.


Tanktronic® Tank Management is an advanced electronic tank management system that monitors water levels ad temperature. It can also manage and control tank filling. This user-friendly system, which is quick to install, offers a complete cost-effective solution to water monitoring.

Vecta+ Sensor Shower
Cistermiser’s Vecta+ Sensor Shower Panel is lightweight, surface mounted, and pre-plumbed ready to be installed. This stylish, lightweight design is easy to install, has a hygienic non-touch sensor and is configured with a 8 litres per minute flow regulator installed, and also includes a 6 litre per minute flow regulator in the box.

Vecta+ Sensor Tap Mixer
The Vecta+ Sensor Tap range is easy to install as retrofit or new-build installations. They  help to improve hygiene and prevent the transfer of pathogens with no-touch controls. With an infrared tap, the water only runs while your hands are in range, so these taps reduce wasted water, increase efficiency, save energy and reduce costs, while maintaining reliability and high performance.

Infrared Control Valve IRC®
The Infrared Control Valve IRC® automatically manages the supply of water to a urinal cistern. The unit employs motion-sensing infrared to control valve operation and reduce water consumption by over 80%. The PIR sensor detects movement and activates the solenoid valve, allowing water into a urinal cistern.

WC Easyflush Wave
Easyflush Wave features a hands-free and water-conserving toilet cistern flush and fill valve which is actually two interlinked valves in one: a lift/drop valve which empties the cistern, and a delayed action float valve which controls refilling. It also includes an integral overflow pipe to prevent flooding. Easyflush Wave hand motion-activated infrared sensors meet the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements and are Part M compliant. 

Sensazone, Washroom management for water, lights and fans
The Sensazone modular electronic management system controls water flow with solenoid valves and is designed to control up to three 2W 2/2 bi-stable (latching) solenoid valves per washroom area sensor. If motion is detected by the infrared sensor, the valve opens to supply water and power to the building zones, as required. If no movement is detected for a pre-set period (configurable to 15 or 30 minutes), water and power supply is cut off.

TMV3 22mm (Thermostatic mixer valve), is installed to control the temperature of the water coming from a tap or shower head. It’s an essential piece of pipework that protects the user from hot water scalding. The TMV3 is a commercial-grade mixer valve that works with pressure up to 10 bar.