Wallmount 12: A first fix installation

Bristan’s innovative Wallmount 12 fixing kit makes installing bar showers even easier.

Wallmount 12: A first fix installation With two front-facing isolation valves, you can quickly and easily isolate the water supply at the point of installation, instead of having to switch it off at the mains. This makes it ideal for new bathrooms where you want to connect a water supply at first fix, but install the shower later on so there's no risk of damage to the shower.

And, because it sits in front of the tiling (on the pipework), it's great for renovation projects too, as the bar shower can be installed without interfering with tiling or sealing work.

The Wallmount 12 fixing kit is available now on our new and improved Buzz and Craze bar showers, and the ever-popular Artisan, Carre or Quadrato mixer showers.

Installation features

1.       Quick & easy to remove and replace a bar shower onto the Wall mount 12 for retrofit and maintenance and easy to upgrade to other bar showers within the Bristan range.

2.       Isolate the water supply on the wall with just the turn of a screw, which negates the potential for any water damage during installation.

3.       The bar shower itself needn’t be fitted until a later stage of the build process, protecting it from potential on site damage.

4.       Innovative rubber seal within the Wall mount 12, reduces the risk of water ingress back into the cavity.

To find out more visit https://www.bristan.com/installers-home/wallmount-12